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What is Keygram?

Keygram is an all-in-one Instagram marketing tool that boosts your Instagram account. Gain new followers, likes, comments and messages. Search and communicate with influencers, leaders of your industry and users pertaining to your target audience. Schedule tasks automatically so that you can spend time on other marketing efforts.

Full Instagram Experience

Enjoy the entire Instagram mobile experience right from your desktop computer. Engage with other users and easily respond directly from your keyboard. In addition, there is a whole new set of features and functionality that regular Instagram cannot and does not offer.

Advanced Search

Narrow down your search results so that you only find the users that you are actually looking for. Search by your competitors followers to get in touch with users that are already interested in what you have to offer. Take it a step further by searching and engaging with the same users that your competitors follow.

Schedule Instagram Posts

Prepare all of your posts ahead of time and let Keygram automatically post them for you. Posts can be setup to publish at any specific time and date. Configure one post per month, multiple posts per day or as many posts as you please for whenever you want.

Automatic Tasks

Avoid repetitive manual searches by setting up automatic tasks. Set a delay between each search and then perform actions such as liking and commenting every post in the search results. Use the advanced search filters to pin point users within your desired niche.

Instagram Direct Message Inbox

View and respond to all of your DM’s from your Instagram account. Never miss a single message again - reply immediately from Keygram. Identify Instagram users that you haven’t been in touch with for a while and re-engage with them. Schedule messages to be sent at specific time an dates with Keygrams automatic tasks.

Activity Statistics

View all of your Instagram Insights as well as your Keygram activity log to accurately track your ongoing progress. Monitor how rapidly your Instagram account is growing and in which areas you are succeeding the most. Go back in history and see which actions were performed on each user.

Target Audience

Perform an advanced search to find specific users and posts within your niche. Combine hashtags and locations to pin point Instagram posts within a specific location or use a combination of usernames and target followers. From the search results you can like, comment, follow and message the users and posts all at once with the bulk “select all” feature.

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Auto Tasks for instagram

Manage Tasks

Actions such as liking, commenting, following and messaging are added as tasks to be performed incrementally over a “safe” period of time. Each task can then be paused, resumed and scheduled at any point in time before it is executed. If a task is paused or scheduled, Keygram will skip it and complete the next task on the list.

Easy Communication

Responding to direct messages and comments is as simple as possible. Select a post and interact with users from the comment box. Or keep it private and send them a DM so that no one else can see the message. Both comments and direct messages can be scheduled for future times and dates.

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