Keygram Instructions Manual

Getting started with Keygram

Keygram is a desktop application, created to provide an all-in-one instagram marketing solution for rapid instagram audience growth. The tool gives users the ability to schedule posts, search for posts and users with advanced filters, automatically comment, message and so much more. It’s called the “all-in-one instagram marketing tool” because it combines all of the features that actually help you to fully manage and grow your instagram audience. Keygram gives users full control of their Instagram account with the ability to throttle activity and limit actions so that Instagram doesn’t temporary ban the user.

Choose a plan that fits your needs

Keygram Instagram Plans
We offer different plans for each users different usage circumstances. Picking a plan is no hassle as you can always upgrade your account if you need more features or higher activity limits.

Once you purchase a subscription you will be provided with a license key. The license key is how you will activate your copy of the Keygram application.

Retrieving Purchased Product Keys

Each license key can only be paired with one desktop computer at a time. You can access your license keys via the [My Account] link. Then proceed to Product Keys on the left menu.

In order to use your license key on a different machine than it’s already been activated on, you must first [Deactivate] the application from the website dashboard in the product key manager.
Keygram Instagram Product Keys

Activating Keygram

Keygram Instagram Activation
Activate Keygram using the billing email address you used when purchasing your subscription and the license key provided in the license key manager. Once Keygram is activated you will be prompted with a success message and directed to the login screen so that you can begin using Keygram.

Logging In

Keygram Instagram Login
One you activate Keygram you can login using your instagram account credentials. The application is completely secure and doesn’t store any of your login information.

Connection Settings

Keygram Instagram Proxy Connection
To prevent getting banned it’s recommended that you use a different proxy server for each account, especially if managing at least 5 or more accounts at a time. Using a proxy server allows each user to virtually run from separate internet connections so that you don’t get flagged for using the same IP address.

Select connection settings and enter your proxy configuration settings to use a proxy.


Keygram Instagram Feed
Similar to the Instagram mobile experience you land on the feed after you log in. This gives users the ability to like, comment, follow and message on recent posts from other users that they follow and their own followers.


Keygram Instagram Profile
Manage your published instagram posts and view all of your comments and likes. Edit or delete posts and respond to incoming comments from other users. When viewing another user’s profile you have the same ability except you cannot delete other users posts.

Posts and Auto Posting

Keygram Instagram Posting and Auto Posting
Publish a new post as soon as possible or schedule your post for the future. This tool allows you to fully manage the time an date of all your future posts. Set the location of the post, type a description and select an image fro your computer. (PNG and JPEG images only).


Search for posts

Search for posts by location and filter them with niche hashtags specified in the form fields. This allows you to find hashtags within a geographic location so that your search results are more specific opposed to being very general and unrelated.

Search for users

Take charge and follow the same great users that your followers are following or follow the users that are following them.This gives you a huge advantage on competition basically allowing you to follow and see who your competitors audience is.

Automatic Search and Actions

Repeated actions should be configured as automatic search options. This option saves time and keeps your Instagram marketing campaigns consistent on an ongoing basis. Setup how often it executes, how many times to do it and which action to perform much as liking and commenting.


Message users directly from the search or comment right on their posts. Select from messages and comments in the settings templates. It’s recommended to choose several different comments and message to choose from as Instagrams algorithm tracks and bans users who use repeated content.


View users you are following and all of your followers in one place. Easily identify who isn’t following you back. Follow, unfollow and direct message users from the same place.


Manage all of your incoming messages in one place. Respond to other users and engage with them in your Instagram DM inbox.


Keep track of your recent instagram activity or view the activity of the users that you follow. Follow who your followers follow or comment and like on their posts to engage.


Once an action is selected it goes to the tasks queue list. The task list allows Keygram to safely execute and throttle activity to prevent actions from being performed to frequently which could lead to getting temporary banned.

All tasks are organized by which they were added to the task list. Task lists with more than 1 sub task will not be complete until all of the tasks have completed.

Tasks can be paused, deleted or even scheduled for the future. Once a task is complete it can no longer be paused or scheduled. Use the settings to set a sleep time which puts keygram into a sleep mode and also you can adjust the interval between actions.

Instagram Insights

View all of your instagram insights to keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly progress. Some stats use tables and some stats use charts to display the data appropriately.

Keygram History Log

Find out which user or post and which action was performed at specific times. This gives a full list of every action that was performed for each account logged into Keygram.


Deactivate your license from the subscription tab within settings. Once deactivated you can then re-activete the license on a different machine. License keys can only be activated to one single desktop computer at a time so be sure to deactivate first before switching computers.